Roto Mould oven Machines



  1. Re-processing unit
  2. Pulvarizer unit
  3. Roto-mould oven
  4. Stainless steel Moulds
  5. Scrap grinder.
  6. Mixer machine


Standard Equipment Features :
1. Re-Processing unit /Extruder unit



  • Colouring
  • Compounding
  • Re-Processing
  • Palletizing




  1. Suitable for LLDPE, HDPE and PVC.
  2. Screw rod & Barrel made of En.353 Steel duly nitrided & honing finished.
  3. Mounted on sturdy fabricated steel frame.
  4. Heavy Duty thrust bearing, Housing and bearings immersed in oil lubrication.
  5. A.C. Motor- pulley drive with reduction gearbox.
  6. Barrel heating by ceramic band heaters.
  7. Cooling System for accurate digital temperature control panel board.
  8. Heating Control by digital temperature controller.

Head & Die:
Compact in Design and having swiveling arrangement.

Cooling Tank:
With Adjustable water level & Guide Rollers.

Palletizing Unit:
With 2 hp electric motor.

NMEI Re-processing/Extruder machines unit most important machine to reprocessing the virgin materials with Master batch. The Pelletizer Machine also coupled. The screw and barrels are made in En-353 materials and fitted with Heaters. Main motor and gearbox are selected according to the output. Our machines are very Rigidity and production wise economical and low power consumption. We are manufacturing 40kgs/hr output to 300kgs/hr output


2.  Pulvarizer machine


Outstanding Features:

Latest Technology

NMEI made pulverizers are manufactured as per latest technology with stringent quality in each and every stage of manufacturing to give you world class quality product in wide range for different applications and rigidly confirming to international standards. Materials-PVC, HDPE, LLDPE, PC & Delrin

Long Lasting Range:

NMEI Pulveriser is of high quality sturdy machines, which range from 30-500-kgs/ hr. with MAIN BODY DOUBLE JACKETED for WATER COOLDED. This will be fabricated out of heavy mild steel of suitable thickness.

Bearing Housing:

Bearing housing is designed for 3500 RPM with outer double jacketed for water/oil circulation for cool running.

circulated oil lubrication for bearings, heavy duty  ball- bearings for higher load bearing; main shaft is dynamically balanced and made from EN-19 material of tasted quality.

The complete design is such that it provides noise less operation and trouble free working. 

Disk and Mill Body:

The disk is made from graded material EN 41-B or En-19 tested quality and dynamically balanced for smooth running& long running.

One stationery-grinding disk with water-jacketed is provided on doorframe with provision for easy adjustability of disk gap by set of 6 bolts.

Inspection windows (2 Nos) are provided on both side of mill body for visually checking disk gap and assist the gap setting.

A large door allows easy access to the Mill body.

Several options are available to simplify the cleaning process.

Change of disk is very easy and user friendly.

Feeding hopper is available in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel (optional) with low-level indicator that is connected with control panel.

Vibrator coil is provided for auto feeding the Mill which is controlled by regulator knob and is connected with control panel for auto tripping in case of overload feeding. 

Our cyclonic system is well designed for powder separation and easy of cleaning with dust collector cloth for trapping fines.
½ hp geared motor Butterfly valve is coupled for fine air separation.

Vibro Screen:
Vibro Screen (Gyratory type) is part of our system with suitable size of machine according to model for pulveriser. The Vibro Screen are with specially designed vibro motor, single deck for Mild steel of Stainless Steel (Optional), 20 # S.S. screen with anti blinding ring tray arrangement and basic structure from heavy mild steel for long lasting. Vibro screen recycles the coarse material for optimum output of the Pulveriser. 

Other Inclusions: 
Complete support structure from heavy steel, Main motor of standard make, high speed blower with motor, Rotary Air Lock value, Pneumatic Hoper Loader (on request). Digital control panel with temperature indicator, overload tripping, Hooper if material below low-level indicator.


 3.Roto mould oven/Rack N roll oven

Rock- n- roll machine
Machines are one of the most elementary Roto-moulding machines.

NMEI offers these machines to manufacture articles up to 10,000 liters capacity and large sizes of products. Rock n roll Oven machine tilts on one of its axis both ways along with rotation of the mould on the other axis thus providing the vital double axis motion. The machine comes along with digital control panel, digital drive for accurate control timer and necessary controls for effective and economic products .We can make to operate in Diesel, Furnace oil and LPG. Easy to operate and low maintenance. Very low Operation cost. Less fuel consumption. High production capacity.




4. Moulds

Moulds the heart of rotomoulding process. We manufacture moulds to suit the requirement of customer.

The moulds are manufactured from Special grade Stainless Steel/Mild steel appreciable for the Rotational Moulding Process giving best possible finish and better mould cycle life.

The moulds are designed precisely optimizing the material flow and thickness.

The dimensions and sizes of the moulds vary as per the requirements of the customers.
We have specific formats provided on confirmation enabling the selection of moulds with all respects.

 • Horizontal Circular Tank,
 •Vertical Storage Tank.
 •Chemical storage tanks


5. Scrap Grinder


NMEI make Scrap Grinder is used for recycling of rejected moulded products. The rejected products are cut into pieces then grinded to use. Materials to be grinding all polymer rejected products and polymer waste.

The main housing is fabricated of heavy M.S. plates. The top cover has hinged type open able arrangement for cleaning and is adjusted by bolts. The screen is fitted as lower part of the housing to be taken out easily for cleaning.

Dynamically balanced rotors made from carbon steel to ensure faster grinding and good output.

Hopper is fabricated of mild steel sheet. Non-returned flaps are fitted such a way that ground particles do not come out from hopper side.

    NMEI Scrap grinder

Motor capacity

No. Blades

Fixed blades

Blade size

Length. in mm


In kgs

5 Hp





7.5 Hp





10 Hp





20 Hp








6. Mixer Machines

NMEI -have developed a High Speed Mixer Machines, to mix pigment paste, pigment powder and master batch with PVC, HDPE, LLDPE granules and powder for even distribution and proper mixing. It is also suitable for mixing PVC compounding. Also free heating is Additional advantage. .

High speed mixer


Mixing drum size


Production /cycle in kgs

Machine space
In mm


500 mm

7.5 HP

40 kgs

1500x 1500x 1200


600 mm

15 HP

50 kgs

1500 x 1800 x 1300





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