Roto-moulding or rotational moulding is one of the latest production techniques used for manufacturing moulded plastic articles of comparatively large size and hollow in shape. In rotomoulding process, the ground powder of LLDPE granules is fed to the mould cavity. The mould receives heat directly from heat source like burner and is rotated on two axes depending upon the moulding machine. The correct feed of material, temperature, rotation and other moulding parameters ensure fairly uniform thickness of the article. This process enables cost effective production of large size and intricate shapes.

ROTOMOULD is one of the most versatile moulding processes after the plastic revolution. The adaptability of this process for manufacturing articles having variety of shapes, sizes and colors have made the process very fast growing and hence rotomoulding is replacing many other traditional manufacturing processes.



The rotomoulding process offers the following distinct advantages over many plastic moulding processes and most of the conventional manufacturing processes.

  • Fabricated mould, low tooling cost, quick to make and easier mould correction
  • Can manufacture shapes impossible to make by other processes
  • Variety of colours, finishes and metal inserts are possible
  • Shorter lead time for production
  • Low production cost and capital/operating cost
  • Material saving over most of the conventional processes
  • Stress free and one piece product (seamless)
  • Double cavity, triple layer products possible

1. Industrial

• Chemical Storage
• Shipping Cases
• Textile Trolleys
• Vacuum Tank bodies
• Floatation Collars
• Machine Housings
• Plating Tanks
• Ducting
• Belt Guards
• Food equipments
• Brine Tanks
• Tilt Trucks
2. Domestic

• Waste Containers
• Car Top Carriers
• Furniture
• Wheel Barrows
• Dog Kennels
• Planters
• Humus Toilets
• Cabins
3. Safety and Constructional

• Road Markers
• Septic tanks
• Traffic Signs
• Workmen's Huts
• Safety barriers
• Construction Toilets
4.Material Handling

• Plastic resins
• Chemicals

• Food, salt, Paints, Milk etc.
• Cereals, Textiles
• Precious metal
• Photographic Chemical
5. Packaging

• Tote box, trays and bins
• Mobile bins

• Intermediate bulk container
• Shipping barrels
• Instrument box

6. Promotion & Display

• Mannequins

• Confectionery stands • Pump island

7. Others

• Drug mixing
• Swimming Pool filter

• Aircraft fuel tanks • Plastic Baskets
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